The Core Wisdom

The Core Wisdom program is a 5 week course that teaches essential mindfulness and spiritual tools. Meditative practice will jumpstart your emotional healing.

The Core Wisdom program increases personal power, well-being, wholeness and emotional clarity. It helps calm emotions and reduces stress level. It is highly recommended for people dealing with personal crises, divorces, disappointments, betrayals, and desperation. It boosts the body’s self-healing abilities and starts an inner transformational process.



Get peace and closure with your painful experiences.

Feel calm and present.

Understand where your energy leaks out, and how to collect your energy back.

Create healthy boundaries with people.

Learn how to be fully yourself.

Feel your own radiance in every domain of your life.

Learn to connect with your true dreams and desires.

Gain insight into your life story and wisdom lessons.

Learn tools to know yourself more deeply.

Start practicing mindfulness.


  • 5 Week Program
  • 5 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions
  • Weekly meditations for practice
  • Books for personal growth
  • Support via email/phone
  • Detailed Program in PDF format

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