Katya B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“What a wonderful, enriching time I have spent with you and the people who are drawn to your wisdom! Though the energy field is not a new “field” to me, it was interesting to hear about your experiences and especially to be submerged deeply into stillness. I find it very hard to stay still and quiet but with your guidance, it was a piece of cake and sooooo enjoyable!”

Michelle T., Delray Beach, FL

“I attended Vera’s Colors of Wisdom Workshop for the first time on August 25th. It felt wonderful to relax and enter into some calming meditations under her expert guidance. Her workshop provided me with some great information on the subjects of energy and self-awareness and how to practice the importance of grounding. I look forward to attending her next event as it also brings like-minded members of the local community together which is always a good thing.”

Lauren, Boca

“Vera’s workshops are a joy to attend. She is genuinely passionate about the material and makes it easy to understand. The exercises we learn are useful, but still simple enough to incorporate into daily practice. Vera’s infectious laughter always lights up the room. She is a lovely spirit and a pleasure to listen to – I highly recommend her as a practitioner.”