Happiness and Global Coherence

Happiness and Global Coherence

I felt that August 21th, the day of the Solar Eclipse, was an extraordinary day in the U.S. I bet that almost everyone was able to step out of their worries and dilemmas, and look up to the heavens for magic. So many people were feeling happy thanks to the moon hiding the sun, thanks to a natural phenomenon that excited our imagination, vision and hope. I felt the happy vibes myself, and I am sure than many people did as well.

These events are glimpses of how interconnected our minds are with other minds and objects in this holistic reality. Or as Dean Radin says in his book, Entangled Minds:  “It is as though we live in a gigantic bowl of clear jello. Every wiggle-every movement, event, and thought-within that medium is felt throughout the entire bowl.”

Many scientists measure our subtle human entanglement through the coherence of the frequencies we emit. This is called global coherence or field consciousness research. I refer you to consult the Global Consciousness Project conducted at Princeton. On their first page one reads: “Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.”

That is partly why people meditate together for peace, or we have group peace or climate marches… the happy feelings of togetherness and joy experienced by us seem to amplify and spread, and this can be measured.

This could explain why when we are surrounded by happy people, we feel happier. Their vibration entrains coherence to our own less coherent states.

So the more we bring change to our consciousness, and the more we direct our attention to common goals for the betterment of all, we elevate our collective consciousness and influence the consciousness of others.

One piece of wisdom to take from this is that nature makes us feel happy, and that fascination with heavenly natural forces move us to a childlike joy. In rare moments such as solar eclipses, we realize that our lives are small pebbles in an infinite universe. So the question for everyone to ponder after this is that our own pebbleness matters, that the way we carry ourselves in the world, the joy and the happiness we emit, affects everyone around us and contributes to the subtle changes in the consciousness of our cities and the world. So let’s continue this happy project, chirp about it and create positive waves of change.

Blessings, Vera

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

It is a beautiful summer outside and most of us will see our parents and relatives during vacation. These happy moments might awaken within us some deep and uncomfortable unconscious issues. It is possible that some of us might feel a bit unbalanced after our times with family. It is because it is very hard, for most of us, to stay in our personal power in the presence of family.

I would like to share with you a small meditation to reclaim your personal power after you see your family. If you feel apprehensive even before the visit, you can use this meditation as medicine to prep for the visit, and also to stay centered, while you are there and afterwards.

I suggest that you trust the first insights that come to you during this quick meditation. Sense, perceive and feel the symbols, the images, the colors and the textures that might come to you during this relaxation. Also, use intentionality to make changes in perception.

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND START BREATHING. Relax your shoulders, your neck, and drop your emotional energy from your whole body towards the earth, and start sinking under the pull of gravity to mother earth. Drop a connection from your lower body to the earth and feel interconnected with the vastness of the earth.

Imagine that you are sitting on the beach and the waves are coming and going. Feel the peaceful energy of the summer air and bring that into your body. Slow down your body with the shimmering blue of the ocean. Use intention to entrain with the color and the vibration of the ocean.
Sink in even deeper. Call your life force energy to you. See it as a color or a symbol, and gift your body with your life force energy. Be full of your life force. Be in your power.

Now put your awareness on your heart and ask your heart where and to whom you are losing personal power. Take a moment to identify the experiences and people that weaken your life force energy the most. Notice the type of exchanges you have with them. If you feel like you have been losing your power, ask yourself why you are giving permission to that event or person, to take your power away.

Ask your heart what you need to do to always feel your full power when you are with these people.
Use your intention to separate your person power and agency from the power of the people draining it. Feel free to sense that separation in your own way. Just intend for it to happen and create healthy, nurturing boundaries.

If you need to forgive anyone, do so right now. If you feel the need, have a silent conversation with your parents or relatives. Tell them how you would like the relationship to change going forward. Just state your wish, and present it to them in silence, let them know your new vision for a happy relationship.

Now recall a moment when you felt in your full power. Remember how it felt. Go back to that moment and try to bring that feeling to awareness.

Be a balloon full of your best self. Draw a healthy boundary around your body. Feel the excitement of this new you, and show it to the people you love.

Become grateful for bringing more acceptance and understanding into your life!
Cheers, Vera

Colors of Wisdom’s Integrity Test!

Colors of Wisdom’s Integrity Test!

Having integrity is what makes everyone of us an exceptional human being that is trusted, loved, valued and appreciated. Integrity is a rare commodity, and having integrity makes life healthier, easier, and honorable for everyone. We all desire to be associated with people in integrity, so why not become one of them!

Let’s play and see how much integrity we use in our lives! I am inviting my readers to take this short test! The higher your score, the more integrity you value and practice in your life.

1. I speak my truth and I am not afraid to communicate it to others

2. I respect the opinions and beliefs of others

3. I am compassionate

4. I do not ghost people

5. I listen to what others have to say

6. I forgive easily

7. I am secure in myself and I do not need to lie

8. I value and respect the time and feelings of others

9. I know my boundaries

10. My word is my bond

11. People trust me

12. I do not manipulate people

13. I have humility

14. I recognize my mistakes

15. I apologize easily

16. I strive for clear communication

17. I do not mislead people

18. I am polite and kind

19. I do not criticize people

20. I love and honor myself

Reflect, laugh and enjoy!

The Song of Your Life

The Song of Your Life

I was inspired to write this post tonight by a friend of mine who is afraid to look at herself in the mirror. She told me that her challenge was her lack of self-compassion.
And I thought that it that might be you too right now, as it was me as well many years ago.

Now when I look back at pictures, I find that version of myself sweet and beautiful. Back then I hated every picture taken!

It took me a while to change the code of my being, but it has been such a rewarding process and so worth it. 

We own it to ourselves to bring more self-compassion into our lives because it just makes living so much easier.

You might ask what is up with this idea that we all have in our heads at times, to spend so much energy criticizing and judging ourselves? Is it that we are wired to look for perfection all of the time? Why do we want perfect everything – the ideal hair, the ideal body, the ideal relationship, the ideal car, the ideal career…

Many of us can spend huge amounts of time and energy putting ourselves down for not having it all. For not fitting into the perfection program, for not looking or sounding super successful to the world. 
The irony is that we all know deep in our hearts that this picture is dead wrong, that perfection is always woven into imperfection. 

I have a suggestion for you tonight. Let’s start changing the code of this faulty wiring by writing a new song about ourselves.

Imagine if everyone of us decided to write a song to celebrate our lives, and all of our beautiful creations, including our bodies?

What would your song sound like?
Make this your summertime goal.
Find the time and spend a quiet moment writing your song and celebrating yourself. It is healthy for you to remember who you are, to remember where you have been, and who you have become. 

Spend a memorable time in gratitude, and pen a new loving harmony. Love your song and love your life. 
Enjoy everything about you going forward!

The Power of Kind Words

The Power of Kind Words

If we think back in time, probably the most memorable people in our lives are those who have spoken kind words to us.

Words carry the power to move mountains and to move us deeply. The right word at the right time might save someone’s life, might shift someone’s reality, might make someone rethink their entire life…

Trust that your words will be heard.

Kindness is a quality of the soul. We develop kindness when we realize that we have so much kindness in our hearts to give. Then we start thinking more and more kind thoughts and want to say more and more kind words. We practice kindness and kindness returns to us.

When we are inspired to say something kind to someone, we are manifesting the color of our deep soul. The soul wants to express itself through spoken words. Together kindness and words are pure energy that shift and animate the soul of someone else, and affect our own cellular energy and the energy of the entire universe. This is how interconnection works.

Use kind words profusely. Never think that a particular person doesn’t deserve it. Don’t withhold it because you have been hurt or because you are afraid. Our calling is to give kindness, to infuse our words and the world with the elixir of gentleness and kindness and inspiration.

Our responsibility is not to wait for a response or expect an outcome. Our responsibility is to live through the laws of our soul.

Be kind to yourself. Wake up every morning and set the intention to be kind to your body and spirit. Don’t criticize yourself, don’t regret anything, don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t look for anybody’s approval, don’t control how you appear to others. Walk with the confidence of someone who is kind.

Kindness is surrender, surrender to who you are in this present moment, smile to yourself right now, smile to your soul, to your accomplishments, to your encounters, to your day. Be kind to the experiences you have. And yes, look within, to appreciate the kindness you are made off.

Think kind thoughts during the day. Send kind thoughts to others. Make your day a kind day.
Don’t judge the world by its unkind acts, it is not our responsibility to participate and join the unkindness of the world.

Say hello with kindness to your neighbors, greet your colleagues with kind smiles you have never shown before. Be the kindest person there is around.

What is there to gain you may be asking if the person on the street is unkind to me?

Remember that a kind person is a wise person.

He knows how to manage himself and how to bring healing and change to the world. You will be wiser than your unkind neighbor, you will be wiser than anybody who sends unkind and mean thoughts and words your way.

You now know something about the power of kindness that they don’t know. You now know that kindness is more powerful than any other energy around, and that it opens doors and builds treasures, and gathers wisdom, and touches the souls of people.

It makes the world a better place for all. And it makes you someone we all want to hang around, because you nourish our soul and our spirit, and that makes a life worth living!

Think about these words, yourself and the world with kind thoughts, and get your smile on today.