The Core Wisdom II: Remastering The Self

This six-month program is the most powerful tool to retrain the code of your being and deepen your self-awareness.

It is offered after completion of the Core Wisdom Program I, 5-week course. It builds on the foundational tools mastered during this initial program.

The weekly sessions and meditations will support your personal growth and will help you practice the tools you’ve learned. Week after week, you will deepen your healing, transformation, and integration of unique wisdom. A new module of self-healing is introduced each month.


Relieves the stress and deep suffering you may be experiencing currently.
Brings stability to your emotional states and clarity to your life.
Rebuilds your energetic system.
Creates new visions for your life.
Reconnects with your inner wisdom and life lessons.
Increases your self-compassion.
Gives expression to your creative endeavors.
Inspires you to become more authentic in all areas of your life.
Helps you learn powerful mind-body techniques for self-healing.
Helps you gain insights into your life patterns.
Helps you become a fuller version of yourself.
Leads to empowerement.


2 x 90 minute sessions per month
Meditation program for individual practice
Weekly support through phone or zoom/skype.
Books for personal development.
One hour free initial consultation.

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