Intuitive Training

Intuition development is the latest tool emerging from science labs which aids successful people.

Intuition is a highly valuable human skill that we can learn to develop, and to trust more. It has multiple practical applications for businesses and individuals alike.

Studies have shown that intuitive intelligence increases creativity, improves decision making, and develops skills in innovation. It enhances birthing new ideas and improves our cognitive processes.

Discerning our intuitive voice and acting on it is a skill that we can all master, with practice and good instruction.


The Holistic Benefits of Intuitive skills:

Intuition helps you access surprising new ideas for innovation and creativity.

Intuition brings clarity to projects and visions.

Developing intuition is a highly transformational process for oneself. Intuition leads to positive personality changes and opens up layers of our inner self.

Intuition strengthens integrity, authenticity, and joy. It reconnects you with your inner wisdom.

Intuition deepens your self-awareness and can realign you with your values. Intuition might even create a perceptual paradigm shift within you.



  • Learn about the science of intuition
  • Find tools to identify your intuitive IQ
  • Discern different intuitive abilities
  • Explore methodologies for developing intuition
  • Practice meditative techniques
  • Experience an expanded state of consciousness
  • Increase creativity and inspiration


  • 6 month Program
  • 2 monthly lessons/sessions
  • Detailed Program in PDF format
  • Books for personal growth
  • Practice meditative techniques
  • Support via phone or zoom/skype
  • Additional exercises/meditations

For a full description of the program and scientific research supporting mindfulness programs, please inquire through our Contact Us form, and we will send you more documentation or answer any questions you may have.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein