Meditation Program

Perhaps you have decided to explore a meditation program because you would like to become a calmer person, and to lead a more meaningful life.

Meditation is a highly effective tool to retrain the mind to perceive the world and oneself differently. It helps remove negative ways of thinking, seeing and perceiving.

Through this program, people learn how to harness their body’s healing potential, and how to upgrade their energy for more creativity and joy. It is designed to increase our ability to make better life choices and to expand our appreciation.

Our guided meditations focus on breathing, grounding, healing the different meridians throughout the body, on developing compassion and spiritual qualities. We teach how to use intention and attention to deepen the spiritual practice and embrace a mindful living.


What You Can Expect in this Program:

You will learn to focus with intention and bring more coherence to your mental states.

You will deepen your awareness about yourself and your interconnectedness with a larger holistic reality.

Meditation is a commitment toward a discovery of your deepest self.

You will experience empowerment and an increased sense of wellness.

The inner-transformation and healing of your mind are profound and lasting.

You will connect with your unique inner intelligence, and start feeling more self-love and compassion.

Meditation creates a sense of calm in varied life situations, leads to a decrease in relationship conflict, and fosters a better work and home environment for all.

The skills learned in meditation study allow anyone to feel happier, manage their life better, and to increase individual and group effectiveness.

A consistent meditation practice will develop spiritual qualities within you, and you will experience more permanent states of peacefulness, compassion, love, kindness and patience.


Explore the scientific benefits of Meditation
Discover meditative techniques
Develop Mindfulness


3 Month Beginner
6 Month Advanced Techniques
4 x 1 h sessions Monthly
Support via phone/email
Books for personal growth

For a full description of the program and scientific research supporting mindfulness programs, please inquire through our Contact Us form, and we will send you more documentation or answer any questions you may have.

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha