Corporate Wellness


Dedicated to Building and Increasing Joy and Harmony within Organizational Culture

This program connects people with their joyful spirit, so that they can improve the overall culture of their company or group.

Businessman presenting his ideas on whiteboard to colleagues
In our society, which demands more and more from each of us, we need to reconsider how to better emotionally manage ourselves and others we connect with.Mindfulness is a holistic concept that has been proven to reduce stress and to bring significant positive changes to human behavior.

Our program teaches tools to keep everyone energized, focused, and fulfilled. It strengthens our resilience and drive to stay healthy and productive everywhere we go. The mind-body techniques help us to refocus any minute we choose to. They help us to anchor ourselves in our priorities, and stay on track with our goals. These skills allow us to stay centered within our everyday responsibilities.

Mindfulness practices develop empowering qualities in each one of us, to lead more meaningful and peaceful lives, even when chaos is found all around us. They create habits for staying calm, reflective, and to respond to situations with humanity and wisdom.

Each individual as a participant in their organization brings unique gifts to develop the company and its image. Those individuals who can function at a high level of emotional well-being and clarity will impact every decision made internally in a more positive way.They will add value to the company as a whole, and will develop its culture in ways that are innovative, productive and creative for all concerned. There are few better ways to improve the overall quality of a business and its interactions, than to upgrade the internal qualities of the employees who work for it.

This Mindfulness training will cultivate bringing out the best in each individual in both personal and social settings.

These tools and the wisdom taught will make everyone feel Happy, Peaceful, Connected and Focused.


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Practical Exercises
Meditative techniques
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For a full description of the program and scientific research supporting mindfulness programs, please inquire through our Contact Us form, and we will send you more documentation or answer any questions you may have.