Having integrity is what makes everyone of us an exceptional human being that is trusted, loved, valued and appreciated. Integrity is a rare commodity, and having integrity makes life healthier, easier, and honorable for everyone. We all desire to be associated with people in integrity, so why not become one of them!

Let’s play and see how much integrity we use in our lives! I am inviting my readers to take this short test! The higher your score, the more integrity you value and practice in your life.

1. I speak my truth and I am not afraid to communicate it to others

2. I respect the opinions and beliefs of others

3. I am compassionate

4. I do not ghost people

5. I listen to what others have to say

6. I forgive easily

7. I am secure in myself and I do not need to lie

8. I value and respect the time and feelings of others

9. I know my boundaries

10. My word is my bond

11. People trust me

12. I do not manipulate people

13. I have humility

14. I recognize my mistakes

15. I apologize easily

16. I strive for clear communication

17. I do not mislead people

18. I am polite and kind

19. I do not criticize people

20. I love and honor myself

Reflect, laugh and enjoy!