Sacredness Time

The Holidays are fast approaching and, naturally, we are drawn to reflect, rest, and pause. When our bodies are disconnected from our spirit, we feel tired, discontent, and lost. To increase joyfulness during the Holidays, we must find time to realign our bodies with our spirit through making time for sacredness. It might be difficult because we have become used to rest with our phones, to watch movies, to be connected on social media, or to text friends. We are used to seek activities, and to be immersed in them. Sacredness calls us to let go of activities, to let go of worries, to shift our focus to giving to ourselves, to increase our self-compassion, to bring our attention to our bodies, our hearts, and our dreams. In a way, sacredness time should be a communion with ourselves – a sacred time to reclaim what has been lost through work, stress, emotional upheaval, drama, and demands of family and society. I don’t know what that communion would be like for you and what you would discover about yourself, but I can suggest to you ways to get there and to boost the joy that has been dormant inside of you. Even small efforts on your part to include sacredness in your schedule can bring big results in terms of feeling present, happy, and more like yourself.

1. Shut off your phone on weekends or hours at a time.
2. Fall in love with silence through turning off your TV, radio, etc.
3. Go for walks in nature, and listen to the natural sounds of birds and winds.
4. Journal and create.
5. Meditate.
6. Sit on the beach and watch the waves.
7. Play with your dog or your cat.
8. Pray.
9. Pamper your body.
10. Do something nice for someone in need.

Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

How many times have you heard people, including me, telling you to be more present? Well, we are never 100% present. Becoming fully present is a wisdom integrating process of a lifetime.
That is why embracing the feeling or the energy of gratitude helps you to experience your life more fully.It lessens your fears so you can become more present each day.
The philosopher Epictetus said: “Practice having a grateful attitude and you will be happy. If you take a broad view of what befalls each person and appreciate the usefulness of things that happen, it is natural to give thanks to the Ultimate for everything that happens in the world” (Art of Living, 1995, p. 109).
Our task is to practice gratitude towards ourselves and others without consequences. It shows our appreciation and generosity for life. And It puts us in a state of receptivity.
Let’s not feel guilty if we are not perfect. We were not taught to be grateful all the time.
But we can reverse this trend and choose to be grateful every day. It’s an intention we can make deep inside our minds. It’s a feeling we can cultivate inside our guts. It’s a smile we express on our faces.
This is the best week of the year to start practicing gratitude.
In the next few days, why don’t you text or call all the people who make or have a made a difference in
your life this year. Even a hint of hesitancy tells you that you are over calculating your move.

Be generous with your compliments and wishes.

Be grateful for the choices you have received.

Chose a symbol that symbolizes gratitude for you and display it to remember to practice gratitude.

Write about gratitude; what it means for you and how you experience it.

Make art to express your gratitude.

Keep sending the right messages to your body. Reinforcing gratitude is good for your well-being.
It washes away negativity.

Remember that feeling grateful is a vibe and that it will attract to you more people who are grateful
in their own lives.