A joyful spirit creates a joyful world.

Hello, My name is Vera Jordan Bellamy. I welcome you to my transformational space.

I hold a MA from UC Berkeley and studied the Art of Spiritual Coaching and Intuition Medicine® at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, California. I am in the process of completing my MS in clinical mental health counseling and going through the internship phase of the program.

My areas of interest are mind-body-spirit medicine, transformation and personal development. I created my transformational programs to help you discover the wisdom of your own soul.

My own wisdom and my years of personal development have allowed me to grow into an expert and to help people discover the powerful light of their spirit and the joy of their heart. I believe that when people commit to healing, their beautiful self emerges, impacting their lives, their communities and the planet.

My training programs – The Core Wisdom and The Core Wisdom II – will help you ground yourself in calm and peace, will help you regulate your emotions, and expand your intuitive abilities. You will learn how to heal yourself on a daily basis and empower yourself through emotional management. You will trust your intuition for better decision-making, well-being, and creativity. You will gain in wisdom and compassion, and your world will become more dynamic and beautiful. Your outer world will start reflecting the beauty and harmony of your inner healed self.

The moment I met Vera her positive energy radiates from her. After our session, I felt happy and lifted spiritually. Her techniques helped me grow from a confusing time and brought me positive clarity.”  Dawn C., Fort Lauderdale