A joyful spirit creates a joyful world.

Vera Jordan Bellamy holds a Masters of Arts from UC Berkeley and studied the Art of Spiritual Coaching and Intuition Medicine® at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, California. She teaches meditation, intuition development and mind-body techniques for insight, well-being, and happiness. She conducts regular workshops on mindful and spiritual training, and also offers private consultations.

Her areas of interests are intuitive intelligence and spiritual transformation.

Vera was trained in Meditation and Intuition Medicine® under the guidance of Francesca McCartney Ph.D., an expert of Energy Medicine. Her interest in the human skill of Intuition was ignited at Berkeley, where she wrote an honors thesis on Proust and Bergson.She is currently pursuing a MS in mental health counseling.

She has personally experienced the profound healing effects and personal growth of Energy Medicine and Meditation. She believes that choosing the path to wholeness and integrity brings swift and remarkable changes to one’s life and perceptions. She invites you to discover your own wisdom and to start your transformational journey through the programs at Colors of Wisdom.

Vera Jordan Bellamy founded Colors of Wisdom to help people discover the powerful light of their spirit and the joy of their heart. She believes that when people commit to healing, their beautiful self emerges, impacting their lives, their communities and the planet.

Through the training programs, you will become more grounded, balanced, and your intuitive abilities will expand. You will learn to trust your intuition for better decision-making, well-being, and creativity. You will gain in wisdom and compassion, and your world will become more dynamic and beautiful. Your outer world will start reflecting the beauty and harmony of your inner healed self.

The moment I met Vera her positive energy radiates from her. After our session, I felt happy and lifted spiritually. Her techniques helped me grow from a confusing time and brought me positive clarity.”  Dawn C., Fort Lauderdale