Mindful Transformational Programs


We teach people how to harness the potential of their inner selves to build a more joyful and wiser version of themselves.

Our Programs provide tools and practices to balance emotions, reduce stress, develop intuition, increase compassion and create empowerment.


Mindful Transformational Programs

Hello, my name is Vera Bellamy, and I am the founder of Colors of Wisdom. My programs teach people how to harness the potential of their inner selves to build a more joyful, healthier, and wiser version of themselves. The Programs provide tools and practices to balance emotions on a daily basis, to reduce stress, to build resilience and perseverance, to develop your intuitive self and increase your confidence, to develop your compassion for yourself and all living beings, and to give you a sense of empowerment.

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Meditation & Intuition

Meditation teaches us how to harness our healing potential, and upgrade our energy for creativity and joy.

The Core Wisdom

Core Wisdom and Remastering the Self Programs increase your personal power, and provide the tools for transformation, expansion, and innovation.

Remastering the Self

Workshops that help create habits for staying calm, reflective, and responding to situations with humanity and wisdom.

Client Experiences

“Vera’s workshops are a joy to attend. She is genuinely passionate about the material and makes it easy to understand. The exercises we learn are useful, but still simple enough to incorporate into daily practice. Vera’s infectious laughter always lights up the room. She is a lovely spirit and a pleasure to listen to – I highly recommend her as a practitioner.”


Boca Raton

“With a sublime accuracy and wisdom, the energetic artistry of Vera’s intuition identified one area after another that I was not aware of and washed away years of misconceptions, eventually healing me and grounding me in a solid understanding and peacefulness. I recommend her wholeheartedly and from each chakra, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for rocking my world Vera! :-)”

David Newman, MA

Founder at South Florida Biofeedback

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To All The Gratitude to Come!

Thanksgiving might be the best holiday in the history of the planet. It’s a holiday that uniquely matters to our spiritual well-being! It eases the angst of our modern minds, which are often way too focused on negativity and anxieties, and it reminds us to focus on...

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Empower Your Inner-Self

Love is always present. This is such a profound truth. Even when you fail to notice it, love is there. But what does love have to do with inner-power? I would like to talk to you today about spiritual power and the kind of love that this power gives birth to. The...

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How We Create Happiness

We have the apparatus to be happy, says Dan Gilbert, author of “Stumbling on Happiness.” His study found is that our frontal lobe helps us create a psychological immune system to fabricate happiness anytime we want. What are the applications of this study for us...

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About Vera Jordan Bellamy, Founder, Colors of Wisdom

Transformational and Personal Development Coach. Learn to use mind-body techniques for insight, well-being, wisdom, and happiness. Create a life of integrity, purpose and joy through daily meditative practice and energy management. more…..

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